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Jarvis, M. (2005) The psychology of effective teaching and learning

Jarvis, M. (2005) The psychology of effective teaching and learning. Cheltenham, UK: Nelson Thornes.

I found the first six chapters of this book to be a useful overview of theory and research related to a variety of topics: teaching and learning theory, cognitive development, intelligence and academic ability, learning/thinking/studying styles, thinking skills, and motivation. The chapters on emotional factors in learning, technology, stress, and research were less useful.

I will post some notes on the items I found most interesting or valuable in this volume.  I do have some things to reflect on about some of it, but will address that in another post about the book on research in education that I read just before this one.

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Fontes, Lisa A. (2008) Child Abuse and Culture & (2008) Interviewing Clients Across Cultures

Fontes, Lisa A. (2008) Child Abuse and Culture: Working with Diverse Families. New York: Guilford Press

Fontes, Lisa A. (2009) Interviewing Clients across Cultures. New York: Guildford Press

I’m not going to write a long post about these two books, but it’s not because I don’t find them useful.  In fact, my primary reason for posting is to strongly recommend them to interpreters and to all professionals who work in multicultural or multilingual settings.  There’s a fine line between exploring cultures and descending into generalizations and stereotypes.  There are few non-interpreters who really ‘get’ interpreting and interpreters.  Fontes, in my opinion, does an excellent job in both areas.

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